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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get help?

    You may contact us through our phone chat website. When you do so, please make sure you chose the proper subject line. Conversely, you may call 888-415-0808 and choose option '0' to be put in touch with customer service.

  • How do I get started with LatinoVoices?

    Simple - just call 888-415-0808 to start your Free Trial.


  • Can I try LatinoVoices for free before buying a membership?

    Sure! We offer a free LatinoVoices trial membership to every new customer. Just call 888-415-0808 Sure! We offer a free LatinoVoices trial membership to every new customer. Just call

  • Can I get a free LatinoVoices trial from a cellular phone?

    Indeed you can. You can use either a landline or a cell phone to get a free trial membership.

  • Can I get another free LatinoVoices trial membership

    Unfortunately, no - just one per user. But we think you'll see that the LatinoVoices phone chat service is worth paying for.

  • Can I use my free LatinoVoices trial from any phone?

    One way we keep track of free trial accounts is by phone number. So you'll have to use the same phone for the duration of your free trail.

  • I can't use my free trial. Why not?

    This happens if you are using a different phone number than the one used to sign up for the free trial. Or, perhaps someone else used the free trial from the number you are calling from.

  • How can I get a free trial membership at LatinoVoices ?

    Just call 888-415-0808 (please note that the free trial is only available to credit card customers.)


  • How do I record my personal greeting ?

    Our menu is very intuitive, and the prompts will guide you through the steps. Remember to speak clearly when recording your greeting, and make sure to describe both yourself and the type of person you are looking for.

  • What if I receive a message from a caller that I am not interested in?

    You can ignore it if you wish, or you can block the callers you are not interested in by pressing 8. Once blocked, those callers will not be able to hear your greeting, nor will you be unable to hear their greetings.

  • What if I receive a message that I find interesting?

    Congratulations! Now it is time to reply. You can instantly exchange messages with anyone you are interested in. And whenever you are ready, you can connect live for a 100% private conversation.

  • What is not acceptable in my greeting??

    Just use common sense. We do not allow discrimination based on age, gender or race, and we will not allow any references to drugs or illegal substances.

  • What is the difference between a LatinoVoices 'message'and a 'connection request'?

    A 'message' is just that - a personal voice message that you record and send to a caller who strikes your fancy. Messages allow you to get to know someone while you are still 'browsing' other greetings. A 'connection request' is a special type of message inviting a caller to join you in a live, 100% private conversation.

  • What should I say in my greeting??

    The first thing we can tell you is to be yourself, but be unique as well. We have thousands of members, so a little extra effort can make you stand out. Write your greeting down, and practice it a few times - you will sound more confident. You can also re-record your greeting if you are not happy with it.

    Here is an example of a male greeting: Hi, I am Juan, and I am in my early 30's. I'm young enough to have fun, but mature enough to know when enough is enough. I'm in pretty good shape, and I enjoy outdoor activities like biking in the park. I'm easy going, like to talk, and am looking for someone to connect with.

    Example of a Female Greeting: Hey there - this is Jen. I'm in my late 20's, and I'm looking for a guy who isn't afraid to talk first and then see what happens. The guy I'd like to connect with is mature enough to know where his life is going, but also knows when to let his hair down and loosen up a little. So if you'd like to add someone special to your life, get back to me .


  • What do I do if I forget or lose my LatinoVoices membership number or password?

    Just call our customer service at 888-415-0808 Once you verify your personal information, you can reset your password.

  • How can I change my password ?

    Just call customer service, log into the system, and choose the 'personal settings' - 'change password' option.


  • If I purchase a LatinoVoices membership online, will I get a receipt?

    Yes. After your purchase, a confirmation screen will appear with the transaction details. We will also send you an email with the transaction details. You can print this email (or the confirmation screen) for your records.

  • What if I want to be informed of specials/promotions/events?

    We always have our current promotions on the system - just call in. You can also opt in for e-mail updates.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    US customers may pay by any major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, or Discover), or also by eCheck.Net.

  • Will any charges show up on my phone bill?

    No. However, if you are calling from outside the local calling area, long distance charges may apply. Be sure to check your calling plan to find out what's local and what isn't.


  • Is my credit card/personal information secure?

    Yes. All credit cards are securely processed via financial institution that issued your credit card. The system will notify you via email if your charges were accepted or declined by your bank.

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